April 27, 2017 – Application Submitted

Over the first hurdle! We have we have submitted our application to the Sponsorship Agreement Holder, the Diocese of Huron, and have raised more than the required funds for the application to go forward. Thank you all for your generous donations and your willingness to help a second refugee family come to the Meaford area.

The application itself is complicated and has been a challenge, chiefly due to the difficulty of communication with the family in Lebanon. But, thanks to Hanan, Rajab, and Alex (our wonderful, ever-available translator), we managed to obtain the information and documents needed for the application. Thanks are due especially to the donors who have reached out to their own circles, through whom we have raised more funds than those required for the application, and are well on our way to our next goal of $50,000. Now we await news from the Diocese about our application status….

Many thanks, again, from the Meaford Refugee Welcome Group

March 30th, 2017


Music Night in Kimberley

Our fundraiser to bring a second family to the Meaford area was held on Saturday March 18th at Kimberley Hall; have a look at this review: http://meafordlivemusic.com/?p=1763. Local Kimberley man and experienced music man, Jonathon, most kindly ‘handed over’ his Maplepalooza event, an annual event that celebrates the sugar shack and local music. Chris Sceri gathered an impressive line-up of musicians who kept the hall jumpin’ through the night; Hanan and Rajab prepared delicious Syrian appetizers; Noreen kept the bar going, Jonathon, Wendy from Kimberley Community Association, Stacie from Kimberley General Store, Cathy, Helen and Theresa from Meaford Refugee Welcome Group all donated more food so no-one went hungry! The local Kimberley community and beyond turned out in full force to fill this event with good cheer, and then turned into a cleaning crew when the lights went up.

Many, many thanks to all who came and enjoyed themselves, to those who volunteered their time, and to those who generously donated $$$, including an anonymous donor who matched the evening’s donations, to our cause: we are over $6000 closer to our goal!

On a more sombre note, this article, https://academic.oup.com/rsq/article/35/4/58/2609281/Precarity-in-Exile-The-Legal-Status-of-Syrian, from Refugee Survey Quarterly, describes the current situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The family we are planning to sponsor is caught in this situation, a situation that shows little sign of improving. As explained in the article, since 2015 the ability of Syrian refugees to gain legal status in Lebanon, and therefore work, education, health care, etc, has been drastically reduced. So we at Meaford Refugee Welcome Group thank you again for your ongoing interest in and support of this cause of helping another family reach a safe haven in the Meaford area.

Theresa McDiarmid

December 10th, 2016

Al-Sheayar family

Welcome to the Meaford Refugee Welcome Group’s website.

We’re thrilled to announce that a further effort has begun to bring a second family from Syria to Canada.

A Syrian family of 6 people (two parents, with four children aged 3 to 10) arrived in Meaford in February, 2016. The children are enrolled in local schools and have enjoyed various summer camps. The parents are attending English language classes, and are working to establish a specialty food business. The family is doing very well.

Our new effort is to bring part of their extended family to our area.

For the first family, we benefited from financial help from the federal government, but this is not available for new sponsorships, and the number of new sponsorships is limited.

Through the Huron Diocese – the formal sponsors of the first family – we expect to be able to apply to sponsor a further family. For this application, due in March, 2017, the government requires that we raise a minimum of $32,000. If you would like to help us reach this new target, please donate now.


9 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thank you for your interest, Bruce. At the present time our housing has not been confirmed so we do not know our specific needs. I will keep you contact information on file and will get back to you once we have specific asks.
      You can contact me at 226-665-0554
      Kathy Christie


  1. When you have a list of things the family will need – ie furniture, dishes and other kitchen things please send it to me. I have a lot of gently used, good quality items I can donate.


  2. 1) Where in Meaford or nearby will the Family’ get jobs to support themselves and become a part of our community??? We have no industry here and local jobs are few to be had.
    2) Will Meaford be using Taxpayers money to support this family? – I HOPE NOT.


  3. I have started my own initiative @ gofundme.com/kidsloveplay and i am sourcing donations for educational toys and books, please let me know when the kids arrive so i can see if i can help. i can be reached at lisacharlespeanut@yahoo.ca, i also have a 10 year old son who would like to donated some of his toys to the children, i can also help with clothes for the 9 year old boy. I also have ice skates size 5 and a bike for a 7 year old child. If you could share my initiative with your friends i would be so appreciative. Thank You



  4. Anyone still not contacted and/ or interested in volunteering please get in touch with Lysa at elysadale@gmail.com. I will need to know contact details, availability and areas that you would like to help in.
    Thank you


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